• Welcome to Al Eman Language Schools!
    Where Learning
    is Serious Fun
  • Welcome to Al Eman Language Schools of Early Learning!
    A Pace to Explore,
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  • Welcome to Al Eman Language Schools!
    Where Learning
    is Serious Fun


Children begin very basic curriculum in all subjects, including science, English, Math ,Arabic and the arts; but the most important academic topics will be literacy (reading and writing) and math, which underly everything else to come. A fundamental goal of every kindergarten classroom is to help kids understand not just the "what" of school curriculum, but the "how." Just as important as mastering phonics will be learning to sit still for story time; handle playground time; make new friends; follow the teacher's directions, and manage school routines.

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The aims of our school curriculum are: to enable all children to learn, and develop their skills, to the best of their ability; to promote a positive attitude towards learning, so that children enjoy coming to school, and acquire a solid basis for lifelong learning; to teach children the skills of literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology (Computing) so that they achieve of their best; to enable children to be creative and to develop their own personal learning and thinking skills. We seek the highest standards of attainment for all our students. We also value the breadth of the curriculum that we provide through linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative experiences. We aim to help our children to become independent learners. Above all we believe in making learning fun.

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We teach the government curriculum in English, in addition to Macmillan and add French and German as a second foreign language. They are expected to be better than the other schools, because of the facilities available, Our school’s curriculum is made up of all the planned activities that we organise to promote learning, personal growth and development. It includes the broad, formal requirements of the National Curriculum and also the lively enrichment programme that the school organises to enrich the children’s experience and learning.

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Welcome to
Al Eman Language Schools

We aim at offering a quality educational foundation as preparation for lifelong learning and Higher Education.

Our aim is for our students to graduate as Muslim professionals and committed citizens who are creative, confident, ethical and responsible ambassadors of their cultural and Islamic heritage, within local and international communities.

A specialized administration always keeps up with the updates of the age
Awell-cultured teacher and model with a high degree of educational technological knowledge .
A permannent development for the staff of the school through the training and quality unit
Using the latest mezns of technology at the educational process and communicating throught school`s website .
Aspecial teacher practice differnt languages well .
A good follow up and permanent evaluation .
Develop the morals of association , loyalty and love for our country .

Is to prepare a brillioant generation educationally and morally , able to use and practice langusges using technology , loyal and useful to his country with an effictive social practicipation according to the standards of quality

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Why Choose Us

Inspirational teachers

Our teachers share our passion for all-round educational excellence. They are driven by the desire to see young people develop in all aspects of their lives, seeking to serve , encourage , direct , discipline , empower and inspire.

Motivated students

We encourage children to work hard and in return, they are recognized and rewarded throughout their time with us. Similarily , we are keen to have well behaved students who will work well together , supporting each other and enjoing school in a safe and positive enviroment.

Cutting-Edge Technology

( Interactive boards data show and tablets )
are incorporated into Education to meet the challenges of the modern age.


A variety of School activities such as horse-riding , Taekwondo , karate , acting , Judo , football , tennis are a big part of our interest as we believe in physical health as well. Sport can affect a child’s development of self esteem.

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